Our goal here is to go over the process of selling your annuity or structured settlement payment rights. At the end you can decide if it makes financial sense to move forward with the transaction, hold onto your payments as the recipient, or if you should do a 15 minute meeting with one of our representatives here at 500cashout.com and get $500 for your time.

Why Are You Selling Your Settlement Payments? Do I really Need The Money Right Now?

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A settlement is the end of a civil action brought about by agreement between the parties. As a result of a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit tends to lead to the actions that create a structure settlement for the injured victim or injured victims family. Our job is to assist you in saving time and money when looking into selling your settlement payments years later. If you look at the big picture you can determine whether the move makes financial sense versus doing a 15 minute consultation and getting the funds you need to hold you over.

Question 1 to ask: Why do I need to sell my structure settlement?

Maybe one of the most important financial decisions you will be making right now. There are implications for selling if you don’t absolutely need the money. If you are behind on bills and the monthly or quarterly payment streams you receive are not enough than it may make sense to cash in on a part of your future settlement payment rights. Again we will feel like a broken record though, if you just need extra food money or funds to repair your car than a good alternative is our $500 non-recourse payment. It comes with no strings attached if you qualify.

Question 2: Do I understand the process and time line of selling my Structured Settlement payment rights?

Right now with the current covid-19 cases spiking in all 50 states it’s important to know that the time frame of your last deal may not be the same time frame as your next deal selling your payments. The reason is that insurance companies have staff working from home and courts are backed up as a result of the global pandemic. If it took 45-60 days in the past know it may take up to 4 months but you have the possibility of a telephonic hearing and appearing via Zoom to plead your case for your transfer of payment rights. It’s time consuming and we’re glad to do the leg work to help you if you really want to sell your payments but again we can provide you with capital now for a 15 minute consultation so you don’t have to go through the sale process.

Can You Explain What a Structured Settlement Is and Who Are The Buyers I see On Television?

Sure. We’re glad to provide an explanation and educate you further about everything from the process to how these financial instruments work.

  • A structured settlement is something that is negotiated from the plaintiff side after an accident or devastating incident. This financial instrument is a negotiated stream of payments that are usually set in a period or interval that is monthly, yearly, or quarterly.
  • Structure settlement payments are negotiated in a settlement in exchange for releasing liability.
  • The payments are structured to meet the future needs of the injured plaintiff(s). Typically a law firm is working with financial planner(s) to customize based on the future living expenses and needs to adjust and make up for the injuries occurred that started the lawsuit.
  • Part of the consideration when releasing liability may include indemnification, confidentiality agreements, cash, and the annuity being setup.
  • The factoring companies you see on television like JG Wentworth are in what’s called the secondary market. Companies like this help you raise liquidity if you have future settlement payments due to be received. You will need as mentioned above a qualified court order approved by a judge for the buyer of the payment rights to take over and to avoid a 40% excise tax on the factoring discount.

When you talk to a company about selling your annuity you will learn what the total aggregate of your payments are, a total purchase price, and a discount rate that you will be taking for selling your payment rights. If you don’t need to sell and it’s not an emergency then working with our team to discuss your options is highly recommended.