You keep on seeing these television commercials with catchy taglines and opportunities to sell your settlement. Whether it’s a singing viking, a professional in an office, or an individual just like you riding the bus because your car broke down and you need cash now it’s important to be informed. While trying to sell your settlement to a TV commercial company you should know that running advertisements on television cost a lot of money and to make up for that advertising cost and overhead you should not expect a good deal when selling your settlement payment rights.

A haircut is the term and no we’re not talking about going to the barber shop or hairdresser. It’s a trimming of your money all so you can see these catchy television advertisements during your day time soap operas. It’s a competitive business and there are alternatives to selling your lawsuit settlement to a tv commercial company. The best alternative that we offer to get you that emergency money so you can put food on the table, pay overdue bills, or get your car out of the shop so you can get off public transportation is to do our 15 minute consult for $500 where you can get the emergency funds that you need to get you by and best of all you don’t even have to sell your settlement payments which is something we advise against doing unless it’s a true financial emergency that our $500 in funds won’t cover.

Whether it’s a  JG Wentworth Commercial, Annuity Action Network, Peachtree Settlements, or any of the other brands that you’re seeing remember that it’s expensive to advertise on television and those high costs for those companies to reach you won’t benefit your bank account.