The Best Presettlement Funding Companies For 2022

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Pre Settlement Companies

Lawsuits are time consuming and stressful, particularly if you are laid off work or injured. Lawsuit funding companies offer presettlement funds to reduce your financial burdens while your case is in progress. This way, you can cover your daily living expenses, while still fighting to obtain the highest amount of compensation. To locate a suitable lawsuit loan, you should research the lawsuit funding companies that operate in your area. Here are the ten best pre-settlement funding companies in 2022:

1) The Tribeca Capital Group

This trusted, New York based presettlement funding firm is owned by Rory Donadio. It offers financial services to plaintiffs who have costly trials to contend with. Loans from Tribeca are risk free, non recourse loans, so you repay the funds from the settlement you receive after winning your case.

Whatever kind of lawsuit you are involved with, Tribeca will pull out all the stops to assist you. All cases are evaluated individually, and they talk to your attorney directly. The application procedure is quick and straightforward. In less than a day, you can have presettlement funds paid into your bank account.

2) Oasis Financial

Established in 2003, Oasis Financial is an industry leading presettlement funding company. The company founders are lawyers who realized that many clients of theirs needed help financially, while the settlement process ran its course. With a track record spanning almost two decades, the company is rated A+ by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). To date, Oasis has served over quarter of a million clients, who — thanks to Oasis — have been able to keep their heads above water financially, while their lawsuits are being settled.

Oasis provides loans of as little as $500, up to $100k. After approval, Oasis clients receive their cash within a twenty-four hour period. Best of all, the company makes the process risk free for clients – if you lose your case or are not awarded a settlement, you are not liable for any money.

3) Peachtree Financial Solutions

Peachtree is one of the biggest companies in the lawsuit loan industry. The company helps clients to reach their financial objectives, via structured settlements. Their business ethos is simple: treat clients well, listen carefully, communicate clearly, provide options and work hard to inspire confidence. This ethos, combined with their personalized service where one representative handles your case, ensures that they prioritize the client’s needs.

Peachtree deals with a range of lawsuits and offers services beyond presettlement funding — they cover lottery winnings and annuities as well. Clients can receive cash advances as low as $300, or as high as $750k. Once your loan application is accepted, your funds will be wired to you within two days. This company is ideal for people who want the staff to be attentive and take a hands on approach in guiding them through the procedure. This company is also owned by JG Wentworth who we have covered extensively discussing the issues with this brand and their cash now offers.

4) Nova Legal Funding

This Los Angeles based presettlement funding company specializes in personal injury cases. Notwithstanding, it also serves clients who are pursuing lawsuits related to employment law, vehicle accidents, product liability and labor law. The company provides loans in the majority of states, apart from Maryland, Colorado and Tennessee. It works with your attorney directly to evaluate your case, and it will deliver presettlement funds of $500 to $100k within a day. No further upfront costs apply, and all the loans offered are non recourse structured.

5) High Rise Financial

As a leading presettlement funding company, High Rise Financial simplifies the process to obtain lawsuit loans. The company does not check your credit, assess your financial circumstances or require you to be employed. It offers risk free presettlement loans, so you will not have to repay anything if your case is unsuccessful. High Rise offers presettlement funds for virtually any kind of lawsuit imaginable. It has worked on a wide range of cases – from wrongful death lawsuits to construction accidents.

6) Fair Rate Funding

This company provides personal injury lawsuit loans and assigns lawsuit funding specialists to plaintiffs for customized services. The company realizes that litigation can be a long drawn out process, and that this is problematic when bills escalate if you can not work. Nonetheless, their rates are competitive if you need money to tide you over, so you can live your life as normal throughout this challenging period.

Fair Rate covers claims in a variety of personal injury lawsuits, such as FELA cases, NFL lawsuit funding and cases on appeal. There is no maximum cash advance amount, and the minimum amount is $500. The circumstances of your case will determine the amount you are approved for. Typically, the process for presettlement funding takes up to two days, with funds delivered to clients overnight. The company has great expertise in many kinds of lawsuits, so they might be a good option if you have been declined loans by other lawsuit lenders.

7) Liberty Law Cash

This company is based in Florida and provides presettlement funding to those in financial difficulty. This allows plaintiffs to cover their daily living costs, in addition to a costly lawsuit and any medical fees. They will assess your circumstances and fulfill your requirements appropriately. The approval process with Liberty Settlement is fast, and clients can receive their funds within a day. The company has experience with workplace injuries, road accident cases, premises liability, Jones Act cases, product liability, mass tort and medical malpractice, etc.

8) Mayfield Settlement Funding

It is free to apply for assistance with this company, which provides lawsuit loans from $500 to $250k. In contrast to many other lenders, Mayfield does not request payment each month. It is fast and easy to apply, so you will receive a quote without having to wait a long time. As well as presettlement funds, Mayfield provides settlement cash advances while plaintiffs wait for their settlement payments.

9) America Lawsuit Loans

This lawsuit funding company is based in Florida and offers assistance with non recourse loans. Loans of this nature only have to be repaid when your case is successful. Loan approval occurs within a day. The company specializes in a variety of cases, such as personal injury, product liability, employment cases and vehicle accident. Credit checks are not carried out, and approval is granted based on individual circumstances.

10) Pravati Capital

Finally, this legal finance company provides funding for law firms and individual clients alike. This is useful for law firms that need more capital to maintain clients or expand. As well as funding for plaintiffs, firms and lawyers, Pravati gives investors the chance to profit from ‘non correlated investments’. These investments are a feasible alternative to an erractic market, with large potential returns. It also can help with post Settlement funding something 500 cash out has provided an in depth guide on.

Pravati offers financing for claims related to class action lawsuits, competition and antitrust, patent litigation, DIP, securities and shareholder lawsuits, and insolvency litigation. The cash advance amounts are calculated based on a number of factors. For instance, non recourse funding begins at $100k and is capped at $20 million. However, litigation funding depends on the amount of collateral a firm has. For a reliable estimate regarding payout timelines, you should get in touch with the company directly. Pravati Capital is ideal for bigger operations, like law firms or lawyers, who have to cover the costs of their clients.

11) MC Law Cash

This company got negative marks for attempting to purchase settlements from the Flint, Michigan water crisis. The lawyers handling the case said not to sell part of your settlement to this company and their ads slowly disappeared from the internet.

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