Roger Smith, CFA

Roger Smith is a certified financial advisor with over 25 years of experience in the field of accounting and corporate investments. He’s managed several high-end investment operations including a $3 billion dollar hedge fund in New York City. He oversees all aspects of operations and continually assesses the risk management for their investments. This includes working with outside advisors and experts in formulating objectives and complex investment strategies.

Roger also serves as the current finance manager for a successful consulting firm also in New York City. His daily responsibilities range from detailed credit analysis, the creation of complex 10-year financial forecasts, and managing various budgeting proposals.

Before Roger got his start on Wall Street he was the accounting manager for a law firm where he helped lead a number of highly-successful transformative measures to help establish a centralized office of procurement, among other impressive projects.

Roger graduated from NYU with his Masters in Financial Analysis and his Bachelors in Business Administration from Baylor University. He is a certified Financial Analyst and noted investment professional.

Roger Smith, CFA

Financial Advisor

6 Years


• Masters in Financial Analysis



• Corporate Finance Officer

12 Years