Here is an in depth guide to help decide on whether or not it makes sense to take a pre settlement cash advance out of your pending lawsuit. At the end of this informational piece you will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding to decide for yourself whether or not you should move forward or not. Our guide will cover the following topics related to pre settlement funding:

  1. Why pre-settlement cash advances?
  2. When to opt for such an advance?
  3. What are the pros and cons involved?
  4. When and why should you opt for a pre-settlement cash advance and what factors to consider when comparing different service providers?

Do you know settlement of a personal injury claim or lawsuit can take anywhere between 12-36 months? That’s up to 3 years of uncertainty when you are dealing with the medical, financial, and personal consequences of your injury. In addition once you win the case it can be appealed and then you have to wait even longer to get your money. Your injury may have impacted your ability to work and earn for your family. Your finances are under pressure. Your family life has been completely disrupted. Your savings are getting depleted. The worst part is that even the smallest delay can damage your health, finances, or family life permanently while a year’s delay in the settlement is no big deal for the insurance company on the other side.

This is where pre-settlement cash advances enter the picture. Also known as: lawsuit advances where third-party litigation financing provides plaintiffs in a lawsuit a non-recource loans. As an alternative to litigation financing some people may label this as a structured settlement loan even if that is not the correct classification for the type of finance vehicle you are looking to tap into.

None the less this type of transaction allows you to monetize the settlement you may receive in the future and convert it into cash today.

So How Do Pre-Settlement Cash Advances work?

The first requirement to qualify for pre-settlement cash advances is that you must have a claim or lawsuit pending in court or for settlement. Now, a pre-settlement cash advances firm like JG Wentworth or gives you a loan against your legal claims. You can use the money to pay for medical treatment, legal expenses, or to provide for your family until you are fit enough to resume your work routine. Or, you can simply choose to keep the money in hand so that the opposing party at fault cannot use delays to force you into a paltry settlement especially if you don’t know about the possibility of using a settled case funding company that can help you bridge the gap.

Point is, you can use the money any way you like. You don’t need to repay the advance if you don’t win the settlement. That risk is borne entirely by the pre-settlement cash advances firm. If you win, then you will repay the advance along with pre-determined interest, fees, and charges and the balance settlement amount will belong to you.
As you can see, a pre-settlement cash advance is described as a loan but there\’s no absolute obligation to repay involved. You repay this advance only if the lawsuit is settled in your favor and it doesn’t matter if it’s a civil case or a federal lawsuit case that you’re settling. If you lose, then your repayment obligation ends there.

Benefits of Pre-Settlement Cash Advances:

It is important to analyze the pros and cons of every financial transaction and this includes pre-settlement cash advances. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of working with a firm like and monetizing your settlement claim today. Use a Potential Income to Solve Today’s Problems.

Even a strong and watertight lawsuit can involve a waiting period of 18-24 months before you lay your hands on the settlement amount. Pre-settlement cash advances allow you to convert this potential income into cash today. This means you won’t need to wait for two years to pay for quality but expensive treatment for your injuries. This means your family won’t have to defer its needs and wants until the lawsuit is settled. This means you can continue leading a normal life without any money worries.


The best part is that you never lose with a pre-settlement cash advance. If you win the settlement, then the advance is taken care of from the claim amount and you get the balance. If you lose, then you would have still won because you have already received a settlement in the form of the advance.

Take Time Out of the Equation

Receiving a favorable settlement may make all the difference between a normal happy life and a financial ruin for your family. But it\s nothing more than a slight dip in profits for the insurance company on the opposing side. It’s not fair and that’s why the opposing party in civil lawsuits uses delaying tactics to put pressure on the plaintiff i.e. you.

Pre-settlement cash advances level the playing field and take the time factor out of the equation. With your treatment paid for and with your family’s financial position on sound footing, you can afford to just sit back and let the process play out at its own pace.

How To Get Your Settlement Valued by Professionals?

You will want to know what your claim is worth. Most of the time you will end up googling past personal injury cases to find out just how much is your claim is actually worth? You probably went by your attorney’s advice when filing the lawsuit. Getting a pre-settlement cash advance gives you a second opportunity to get your settlement valued by professionals.

Normally, pre-settlement cash advances firms offer a maximum of 15-20% of the estimated settlement amount as an advance. This ensures you get enough funds in the present without too much risk on the business offering the advance. This valuation process can give you a good idea of what financial professionals think your claim is actually worth. You can use this information to fine-tune your strategy when negotiating the settlement with the opposing party to the lawsuit.

Use the Settlement to Transform Your Life Forever

You are under no obligation to spend the cash advance in a particular way. You can keep it in the bank or even invest it in the next big thing in the world of business with no questions asked. This means the settlement advance represents an opportunity that can transform your finances forever. Instead of waiting to receive the funds at an indeterminate point of time in the future, you can raise cash today and use it to change your life forever. From renovating your house to boost its value to funding your child’s college education, the advance can be deployed in ways that will yield fantastic benefits for a long time to come.

Key Decision—Choosing the Right Service Provider

Pre-settlement cash advances offer an opportunity to convert the pain and trauma of the personal injury or the violation of your rights into something positive and beneficial for yourself and your family. However, it will all work out well only if you choose the right service provider. A pre-settlement cash advance is a complex transaction that’s often described as a loan but is a niche type of financing that does not fit conventional definitions.

This means you need to work with a reputed, credible, and professional firm that will do its best to create a win-win situation for everybody involved in the advance. It would not only guarantee the advance but also the peace of mind knowing you will be taken care of until there is an outcome to your lawsuit.

Points to consider when comparing Pre-settlement cash advances service providers include the following:

  • Does the brand or law firm I’m working with have a strong online presence?
  • Comprehensive education resources to help you learn more about how it all works
  • Hassle-free consultation process without any unnecessary obligations or commitments

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by considering a pre-settlement cash advance for your pending lawsuit. Life is all about living in the present and a pre-settlement cash advance gives you an opportunity to convert a no guarantee court case win into income today.