As transcribed below a near scathing review by a competing company to JG Wentworth filled with unethical complaints and scandals from the Radnor, Pennsylvania company below.

Competitors Review on J.G. Wentworth

The JG Wentworth corporation seriously rips you off they say. If you need to sell your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments please be aware of JG Wentworths tactics. They take advantage of customers and keep as much money of yours as they can. This should make you very angry.

Lets start with the fact that JG Wentworth went bankrupt twice since 2009,. Can you really trust the Wentworth corporation to give you the most cash after they’ve gone bankrupt twice. No way.

And during Wentworths 2009 bankruptcy they sent cancellation letters to hundreds of customers at the funding stage. After the agreements were all signed and pending court approval abandoning them cold. Imagine you’re about to get your lump sum payment and then BAM you’re told to get lost. How can you trust JG Wentworth after a stunt like this?
J.G. Wentworth Review from a competing company
Now to this very day for JG to stay in business and avoid another bankruptcy they have to low ball customers with crappy lump sum offers and then they bundle your payments for resale. This makes the Wentworth corporation millions in profit and leaving you the customer with less money than you deserve.

We don’t need to re-sell your payments and that’s why we can offer you more money. We know you need the most money as possible and we’ll help you get it.

Another thing the Wentworth Corp. prevents you from getting better offers from us. During the court approval process to sell your payments JG redacts or hides your contact information on court filings and documents. Virtually all states don’t allow this but Wentworth does it anyway. This info is supposed to be public record, hiding it breaks the rules, and makes it harder for us to reach out and offer you more money. We’re not afraid of competition. We’re sure we can offer you more money for your settlement.

Ready for another slap in the face? Ever heard of Peachtree Settlements, Olive Branch Funding, and Stone Street Capital of Bethesda, Maryland? Well surprise they are all JG Wentworth brands. Do you really think they will compete with each other to give you the best offer? Nope if you call Stone Street for a lump sum quote you just may hear something like wow Wentworth really did give you a great deal we cant beat that one. Wentworth and their brands will confuse you in any way that they can.

So in summary the Wentworth corporation has abandoned customers. Makes low ball offers, resells bundled payments for millions in profit, doesn’t follow the rules, tries to block competitors from making better offers, and confuses customers. You may be able to void a prior sale to them and receive more money. Give us a call today and get money to discuss your annuity.

We understand why you’re angry with JG Wentworth they likely ripped you off one way or another. Work with a different kind of company. We’re proud to offer you the most cash guaranteed.

If this is what just one competitor thinks about J.G. Wentworth imagine if you asked the rest of the industry? The team here at 500Cashout prefers to talk over your potential deal and offer you $500 for a consultation and if it doesn’t make sense to sell given your financial situation then we will gladly tell you so.