You’re about to learn the truth behind the major cash now pusher JG Wentworth. While they have excellent commercials and jingles that are made to entice you into calling in to sell your annuity payments it’s certainly not a good financial move. The team here at 500 cash out would rather you hold onto your settlement payments and just get the funds you need to get by in the interim by doing a consultation with us and get your $500 and hold off from needing to sell.

Here’s a video that helps to explain about the history of JG Wentworth, the two different times that the company has entered bankruptcy, how they redact court records in an effort to hurt you the consumer from getting better offers from other industry players in the secondary structure settlement industry, and how they use multiple brands under the Peachtree, Oliver Branch, Stone Street, 321 Henderson Receivables, and JG Wentworth brands but yet they won’t compete on deals against each other thus leaving you with a smaller offer than you deserve if you have to sell your settlement payment rights.

So watch this video to gain a better understanding of how their company operates:

The Story Behind JG Wentworth’s Cash Now Push Post Bankruptcy

Since exiting bankruptcy for the second time the company has focused on other divisions such as mortgages and debt relief. The catchy commercials offering “cash now” are not incorrect but the amount of money you will receive from them or their subsidiaries will be substantially less than if you held onto your payment rights and collected the money. We also recommend you to read our reasons for not selling your settlement payments, a competitor to JG Wentworth’s reviews on the company, and our other annuity guides.

If you want to get ahead financially then the best advice is to hold onto your settlement, lottery, or casino winnings. A settlement is typically placed to help you have a a reliable income stream and if you are factoring those payments ahead of schedule than you will lose out financially.