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If you wan an alternative option for selling your settlement payments we can help. Instead of having to sell your payment rights we offer you $500 for a 15 minute consultation. So no to selling to JG Wentworth

855-7-500-NOW Yes to calling 855-7-500-669 and getting a no strings attached $500 without having to sell your payment rights.

If you have sold your lottery payments, structured settlement, or annuity to any of these companies listed below then we have some bad news for you.

      1. JG Wentworth
      2. Peachtree Settlement Funding
      3. Stone Street Capital of Bethesda
      4. Olive Branch Funding
      5. Cash Now Loans
JG Wentworth 855 7 500 NOW Headquarters
All of these companies are the same. Their all owned by JG Wentworth a public penny stock company. They are not called a penny stock because they pay you pennies on the dollar but rather because the value of the company has been demolished. If you are angry about how your last transaction went with JG Wentowrth or any of their other brands listed above then we are glad to help discuss your last transaction and how any future transactions you do can be corrected so you don’t end up with such a negative experience.  It is very rare that your case can be overturned but if you haven’t received your money yet than there may still be an opportunity to cancel your case and start over for more money

Some History on J.G. WENTWORTH:

  • Founded in 1991 as a merchant bank that does healthcare transactions
  • In 1992 they started to purchase auto insurance deferrals from claimants who couldn’t wait to collect in the state of New Jersey
  • In May of 2009 they go bankrupt for the 1st of two times as they were unable to pay their up coming annuitants who needed cash now
  • As online reviews state J.G. Wentworth is accused of lowballing it’s sellers and leaving them unhappy with the size of their lump sum
  • Starts to redact court documents and stops clients from receiving better offers
  • In October of 2013 J.G. Wentworth goes public
  • Less than 3 years later they are delisted as they are not seen as a credible enough company to be traded on a public stock exchange according to NYSE continued listing rules
  • November 2017 files for bankruptcy again. This makes clients wonder if their money is safe with JG Wentworth handling their transaction
  • 2019 Purchases ailing brand Stone Street Funding to further confuse potential clients about what companies they own

If you’ve been ripped off by J.G. Wentworth or another purchasing company when you needed money the most let us assist in getting you $500 with no strings attached.

ABOUT 500 Cash Out

We purchase structured settlements, annuities, and lottery payments. Our goal is to get you the most cash with the highest offer if you’re absolutely dead set on selling your settlement payments. We also want to offer our consultation where we discuss your settlement for 15 minutes during a Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, or Facetime call and give you $500 for discussing. So the name explains exactly what 500 Cash Out does.

We don’t make phony claims to be a billion dollar company and because of that we can offer you a better rate and deal than a company that is running television commercials all day. Those extra advertising dollars translate into less money in your pocket. We believe in transparency of your deal.

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It’s My Money and I want it NOW!

You’ve heard the jingle and you know the rhyme. If you’re in financial need and want to call 877 cash now, we recommend you read our guide before you enter into a transaction that will result in a haircut you won’t like. The process of selling an annuity or structure settlement to JG Wentworth will have to go through the local court in your area. The lump sum amount that you’ll get when your deal is approved by a judge is going to be a lot less than if you wait for your periodic payments to come due. If you don’t mind a lower value on your money and want it now then you should at least be educated of the financial cons of selling early. The buy price can be in the single to low double digits of what it’s worth if you don’t want to wait.

Also when selling you need to have a valid reason for transferring payments.

      • Tax Debt
      • Overdue Medical Bills
      • Student Loans
      • Credit Card Debt
      • Child Support in Arrears
      • Buying a Home
      • Going Back to School

So trying to figure out how much you will receive? According to the National Association of Settlement Purchasers, “Your exact rate depends on a number of factors, such as where you live, the length of your structured settlement, and the amount you want to transfer, as well as other factors.” NASP is the association for settlement purchasers and JG Wentworth is a member.