If you need cash now and you don’t want to sell your structured settlement or annuity 500cashout.com is a great option. Be prepared to set an appointment with a representative where you will spend 15 minutes discussing your annuity, structured settlement, or lottery payments that you are due to receive in the future and receive $500 to help you pay your much needed bills while not having to sell your structured settlement payments.

Differences Between JG Wentworth & 500 Cash Out

When you think of cash now pushers who advertise on television you think of a company like JG Wentworth but the team here at 500 Cash Out couldn’t be any different. We don’t run television commercials with singing vikings and opera singers, we don’t want you transfer your payments unless you absolutely have to, we don’t pressure you into selling your payments, and we don’t offer you low ball offers and thus have been able to maintain very positive relationships and reviews with our clientele.

Here’s a video comparing and outlining some of the practices and aliases that the company uses. Some of these you may or may not have known such as Stone Street Capital of Bethesda, Maryland, Peachtree Settlement Solutions, Olive Branch Funding, and 321 Henderson Receivables. Some of the complaints about JG Wentworth’s practices online range from them not competing against their own offers, redacting and hiding your contact information so that you will not receive a higher competing offer, and filing for bankruptcy two different times.

500 Cash Out wants you to sell your settlement or annuity payments only if you are facing an extreme hardship and absolutely have to sell your payment rights. If there is an alternative option to selling then we would like to help advise and help guide you in your decision as your payments are set up in a manner that you should not have to enter into a transaction unless an extreme life event has transpired.

To setup an appointment you can call 855 7 500 NOW and discuss your options today.