You’ve been watching the commercials and trying to figure out if selling your structured settlement or getting an advance on a current litigation case makes sense right? Well here are some helpful links that we’ve covered and a video that explains the inner workings of JG Wentworth 500 Cash Out program and how you can educate yourself on whether or not it makes sense to sell your settlement payment rights.

JG Wentworth 500 Cash Out Program

Scandalous, fraud, scam, ripoff. These are some of the buzz words that we often hear after a transaction was conducted with JG Wentworth or any of their related companies Peachtree Settlement Funding, Stone Street Capital, & Olive Branch Funding. The reason is that you take whats called a hair cut or a big discount on your future payments in exchange for cashing in that sum of money up front. When you cash in that up front money in a factoring transaction with a company like JG Wentworth you are paying for all of their advertising costs, human capital, office space, and everything else associated with running a capital intensive business. What we would prefer and would advise you to do is to seek the advice of a financial advisor, CFA, or a qualified banker who can help guide you on the process of selling your settlement payment rights and the risks associated with trading in a tax free asset for a taxable payment.

Office sign for J.G. Wentworth

JG Wentworth 855 7 500 NOW Headquarters

The 500 Cash Out program allows you to receive the funds you need to pay emergency bills and get over the hump combined with your stimulus check or unemployment payments you may be receiving during the pandemic. The name of the program is exactly what it is. There are no hidden fees or clauses. It’s $500 cash direct to you for a 15 minute consultation regarding your future payments.