Jessica Diaz, CFA

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Jessica Diaz is a passionate advocate for personal finance. With over 25 years of experience in corporate finance, investments, accounting, and personal finance. She currently oversees the operations for investments and annuities for clients that have her working with some of the largest insurance companies in North America & Canada. These insurance companies oversee more than $5 billion in regional insurance premiums each year. Maintaining a dynamic workplace environment Jessica has designed personal financial applications and software to help enlighten and educate amateurs. Her mission is to help clients preserve capital, grow their retirement accounts, and improve profitability. Under the surveillance of the investment committee. She continually facilitates proper risk assessments and works on aligning operational objectives with her core principles. This entails annual conferences with active money managers where they discuss strategic preservation of capital, wealth management, and tactical asset allocation recommendations while ensuring all work complies with privacy laws, rules, and investment regulations.

Jessica also serves the corporate finance and content direction for 500 Cash Out. Her expert analytical support and broadr management organization skills have been crucial in the development of processes for incorporating growth. Her corporate finance experience over the last 25 years functions as a versatile capacity. Her varied contributions include credit default swap analysis, annuity reporting, development of financial forecasts,and evaluating yearly budgets at the end of each fiscal year has helped her grow as an essential team member. Jessica also sits on her organization’s board enterprise risk management committee, lending her unique strategies and conservative planning outlook for her colleagues to review when working strategic decision-making processes.

Jessica holds a Master of Business Administration from Mcgill University and a Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Colorado. She is a chartered financial analyst charterholder and a certified public accountant.

Jessica is also an active donor and volunteer to numerous causes that she is passionate about including the Ronald McDonald foundation and Breast Cancer awareness. also serves as an active. She is married to her husband Matthew of 9 years and has a dog named Wilson.

Jessica Diaz, CFA

Financial Advisor

6 Years


• Masters in Business Administration

McGill University

• B.S. in Business Administration

University of Colorado


• Corporate Finance Advisor

8 Years

• Personal Finance Advisor

11 Years