How Rockpoint Legal Funding Is Revolutionizing Litigation Financing

by | Oct 23, 2021 | Pre Settlement Companies

As much as we strive to keep ourselves safe, accidents are inevitable. And for those who’re unlucky to fall victim to injury, the aftermath can be worse than the incident itself — especially if it was caused by someone else’s negligence. You’re sidelined from your occupation for however long it’ll take to make a full recovery; all while facing an escalating pile of hospital bills and living expenses. And then there’s the uncertainty of now knowing how you’ll get back to your life — and whether the negligent party will ever take responsibility.

Rockpoint Legal Funding Review and Rates

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In the best-case-scenario, it might take a few weeks for the person to admit fault and propose a fair compensation offer. But personal injury cases are seldom so straightforward. Most victims are left with no option but to seek redress through the justice system; a process that could take years. Of course, no one wants to be stuck in financial limbo for such a lengthy period. So what’s the solution? It’s here that Rockpoint Legal Funding comes to the rescue.

About Rockpoint Legal Funding: Background

The uncertainty of not knowing how exactly you’ll get back to your normal life is an all-too-familiar scenario for personal injury victims. Although disability insurance can provide some relief, the proceeds are often insufficient. And heavens forbid that you’re forced to take matters to court: How do you fund the lawsuit while still paying for medical care?

It’s this kind of dilemma that Rockpoint seeks to help overcome. “We realized that injury victims have markedly-different needs from other kinds of plaintiffs — needs that the litigation funding industry still doesn’t seem to understand fully. Rather than just lend funds, Rockpoint provides a lifeline that actually makes a difference in the person’s situation,” says one of the company’s founders.

And so, for the six years the company’s been operational, Rockpoint has essentially charted a new frontier in the field. It’s developed a proprietary lending platform that facilitates speedy processing of applications and quicker disbursement of funds. This in turn allows injured plaintiffs pay for expenses incurred in:

– Consultation and Diagnosis

– Surgery

– Medication

– In- and Out-patient Care

– Pain Management & Recuperative Therapy

Besides seeking treatment, Rockpoint’s funding also helps plaintiffs foot the costs that might arise as a result of the ongoing lawsuit. This is crucial in ensuring legal action is initiated before the statute of limitation on one’s claim expires.

Rockpoint also provides the following packages:

– Pre-settlement Advance: Commonly known as a “lawsuit loan”, this is where one obtains a cash advance against the expected proceeds of an ongoing court case. Rockpoint offers funding for lawsuits involving wrongful termination, car accident, and general insurance claims.

– Attorney Funding: Rockpoint also funds law firms and attorneys for contingent plaintiff cases. This ensures helps them pursue legal action without tying up too much of their cashflow in the ongoing case. Through attorney funding, firms obtain the liquidity needed to sustain marketing and day-to-day operations, with a dedicated account manager at hand to streamline the whole process.

– Appeal Funding: As the name indicates, this is specifically aimed at attorneys and plaintiffs whose cases go to appeal. Particularly when a case starts in the lower courts, pursuing legal action all the way up can take years. Defendants will often exploit this in an attempt to compel plaintiffs into accepting unfair settlements.

Appeal funding helps level the playing field to the plaintiff’s advantage. It provides upfront funding for the person while allowing the attorney free up working capital that could otherwise have been frozen for the duration of the case. Rockpoint provides appeal funding for cases in both federal and state courts.

Medical Funding: Rockpoint also provides financing for healthcare practitioners treating patients on liens and Letters of Protection (LOP). These two are instrumental in allowing patients seek care outside one’s network of coverage, which is often the case during emergencies. Thanks to Rockpoint’s medical funding, healthcare providers access the cash needed to stay liquid for the duration it takes to get reimbursed.

Rockpoint Legal Funding Compared To Competitors?: How to Apply

Rockpoint offers funding for plaintiffs for a wide range of third-party liability cases; from slip & fall to premises liability and medical malpractice. Lots of companies are in the pre-settlement funding space from Oasis Financial to JG Wentworth and thanks to their trailblazing platform, submitting an application according to their website has never been easier compared to the competitors however it’s not easier or harder.. Just head to the company’s website and fill out the following details on the provided form:

– Your name, email, phone number & zip code

– How much you funds you need

– Attorney/law firm’s name and contact details

Rockpoint begins processing your application as soon as you hit the ‘Submit’ button. The company’s underwriting team will determine how much your case is worth and get back to you within a couple of hours. Your attorney will then review the funding agreement, after which the two of you will sign and send it back. Expect the funds to be availed to your account within the day.

Don’t Let the Lack of Funds Hold Back Your Case

…Or keep you from making a quick recovery from your injuries. Rockpoint’s Funding can not only help you cover your hospital bills, but also hold out for a fairer, more reasonable settlement offer. It is worth pointing out that Rockpoint is fully self-funded; this allows them offer much better interest rates compared to other lenders. And since the funding is non-recourse, there’s nothing to worry about in the event that your case loses, or fails to yield the anticipated settlement.

So don’t be afraid to get in touch with Rockpoint Legal Funding today. Visit or call (855) 582-9200 to arrange for a free consultation.

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