People often ask is it that easy to just have a 15 minute consultation with you and I’ll receive $500? The answer is yes it’s that easy. We provide details below to explain the process and answer questions that are frequently asked.


How do I receive my free $500?
If you are currently receiving or due to receive structured settlement annuity payments from a personal injury claim, lawsuit or other circumstance, you qualify for our fast cash program for $500 and you don’t need to sell your structured settlement. With us, your Facetime, Zoom, or Skype appointment for 15 minutes to discuss your payments and future plans is enough to receive $500.

Does 500 Cash Out work with all types of settlements & annuities?
We work with most types of annuities, but there are a few exceptions. These include workman’s compensation payments, divorce settlements, child support payments, unemployment benefits, retirement funds, pensions, trust funds, or social security disability insurance payments.

Do I need to sell a percentage of my Structured Settlement to get my advance?
No. When you qualify with 500 Cash Out there is no need to sell your annuity payments. If you’re interested in selling part of your future payments and do need an advance to help bridge the gap for needed expenses it can be discussed during your consultation where you will receive $500 for the call.

Do I need to have good credit in order to use your services and selling my settlement?
Good Credit? Bad Credit? Does not matter to us we do not discriminate and we’re here to help you no matter what your financial situation is. We don’t believe in predatory practices based on your credit unlike what lenders will do we’re here to give you money today for a receivable you have coming to you in the future. Bottom line. There are no credit requirements to qualify for an annuity advance payment.

What documentation do I need to prepare for our structure settlement sale consultation?
To verify your structure settlement & annuity payments, we ask for a copy of your benefits letter from the insurance company. Many of our clients call this their structured settlement agreement. If you have any other information concerning your annuity policy, contracts, any times that you’ve sold or attempted to sell a portion of your settlement in the past, and a form of personal identification. If you have lost or misplaced your structured settlement documents, you can usually contact the insurance company that is making your payments and ask them to provide you with another copy or we can assist you with this process if you need help from one of our structure settlement support team.

Do I have to pay interest on this money?
No, not now and not ever will we charge you interest for the phone consultation. It’s not an advance and it’s not a loan. It’s $500 for your 15 minutes of fame with us during our Zoom, Facetime, or Skype call.

Are you sure I don’t have to pay this money back?
If you do not sell all or even a portion of your payments, you are not required to repay the consultation payment. Advances that you receive as a result of selling your settlement in exchange for a lump sum is different than the consultation call. If you are taking an advance to help bridge the gap than those funds can be repaid out of the funds when the payments are re-assigned.

How Fast Can I get my advance?
At this time, we’re able to rush you your annuity advance payment Monday-Friday. If you can call by 2pm during those days, we can get you your money by 5pm.

Can I get an advance on the weekend?

Saturday or Sunday we can still help you. If it’s an emergency we’re here to help you.

How Can I Get My Funds?

You have a few different options for collecting your $500. We can give it to you on a pre-paid card, send you the money via western union, moneygram, or via check. We give you flexible options that are convenient for you.

I see a lot of commercials saying It’s My Money & I want it now. What is that about? Is that your company?

We get asked that a lot and no we’re not JG Wentworth 855 7 500 NOW is our phone number and we do not run cheezy commercials like that. We prefer to put that money to work to give you a better pay out. That’s one of our biggest differentiators here at