My phone has been blowing up with non stop text messages and emails from a company trying to buy out my personal injury settlement. This is all too common where harassment and telemarketing laws are broken with no regard to your privacy. These companies trying to purchase your lawsuit settlement payment rights are sharks to call a spade a spade. There should be no reason under almost any circumstance that you should want to trade in your safe, reliable, and tax free periodic payments in exchange for one of those cash now money grabs.

We have advised on the risks of selling your structured settlement & Annuity payments. There are approximately a dozen companies out there that specialize in the secondary market in facilitating settlement transfers. The process is long, expensive, and ends up costing you a lot of money with the discount rate factored in. There are only a few instances where you may even want to consider selling off your payments after receiving a text message or email to consider doing so.

We also like to provide those who are exploring the sale to consider our J.G. Wentworth alternative to selling by doing a 15 minute consultation with us via Zoom, Facetime, Skype, or Whatsapp for $500. You can get the last minute cash you need without having to take a loss on selling off your payment rights. If this sounds like a better options than you can call 855-7-500-NOW to discuss this with one of our representatives. The reviews about JG Wentworth from their competitors lay out some pretty dicey accusations and dirty tricks that would make any consumer weary of doing business with them.

So if you are receiving cash now texts and emails we want you to think twice before entering into a transaction and consider an alternative that can help you push off entering into a transaction as it’s not a good financial move and certainly isn’t in your best interest.