Find out about your tax implications for selling. Wait, isn’t one of the main benefits of a Structured Settlement package that I don’t have to pay taxes on the money that I receive monthly, quarterly, or yearly? Unfortunately, selling off your payments will generate a tax implication that your financial advisor should discuss with you. If you don’t already have a licensed financial advisor than one of our structure settlement brokers can help you find one in your reason and help ensure that they give you sound financial advice given your current financial situation.

Do I need to go through the courts again? Yes, the good news is however due to the pandemic there is an opportunity to do the matter virtually. If you have certain health risks that prevent you from going to a place that would put you at risk please let us know. We will try to work with the judge, lawyers, and insurance company to help you regarding the transfer of your settlement. If you do have to go back to the courts for review we will let you know within a proper time frame and help ensure that it is safe following current CDC Guidelines. Once at court for the transfer proceeding you will have to make a detailed case as to why you need the money now and for what purpose it will be used for. It is not guaranteed to be approved but if you have a valid need we will do our best to get you the funds.

Why Isn’t the process of selling a settlement 1 day? Whether you’re transferring the assignment of your annuity or selling structured settlement payments it’s important to understand that it is a lengthy and laborious process. Especially during the pandemic so the sooner you get started the better if you do want to go through with the sale. If you got the settlement as a result of a wrongful death or bad personal injury you may not want to relive the harsh memories.

After all of the stress involved in getting the settlement and then having to go through the stress of selling your settlement and re-appearing in court we want you to only make decisions that you’re comfortable with. To side step that awful experience you may of had in court getting your settlement or transferring it in the past we recommend you consider our $500 Cash Out for 15 minutes of your time as an alternative to selling off your payments.

Differences Between Selling Your Settlement Payments vs. Cash Advance?

Unless you absolutely have to we don’t recommend jumping into the lengthy transfer process. If you are in dire straights and need some cash in hand we can assist till you get that next check. It takes 15 minutes and you get $500 for having a zoom, facetime, whatsapp, or skype call with one of our team members to discuss your situation while verifying your payments. The process is is simple compared to borrowing cash and having to pay it back with interest. We don’t require a lengthy legal process with a court date that is months away.

500 Cash Out Program – The cash out program is not a cash advance. It is $500 for you to do as you please with it. If you’ve been offered a cash advance from a company like Peachtree or JG Wentworth it’s most likely an advance that will come out of your future sale proceeds and if you don’t sell you will have to pay it back. Working with us you do not have to pay it back and you’re not obligated to transfer your future settlement payment rights.

Convenient & Fast Process – Now you can get the money via Western Union, MoneyGram, Debit Card, or Check. We send the money directly to you in a convenient and fast process.  What you do with your money is your business. Use the money for what you want. It’s yours with no obligations or strings attached. You can use the $500 in funds as you please vs. your settlement transfer funds that have strings attached to how the money is supposed to be spent. We hope that the funds are going to be used to pay down bills, feed the family, help with transportation, or do whatever is in your best interest. 

Follow our streamlined interview process and for 15 minutes of your time you’ll receive $500 just like our company name says. Call the JG Wentworth Alternative 855 7 500 NOW 

There’s no credit or employment check and this may be the least hassle of your life to receive $500.