Why You May Want To Wait to Sell Your Annuity Payments

Taxes are an essential part of life but the odds are your monthly, quarterly, or yearly annuity payments are exempt from being taxed by the Internal Revenue Service. Being subjected to a tax bill after selling off a portion of your annuity payments can almost be guaranteed to be a bad financial move. On top of the tax implications you will have to appear before a judge and plead your case for why you need the money up front opposed to receiving the funds tax free.

How Long Does it Take To Sell Annuity Payments For Cash? 

It’s not an overnight process and typically takes a couple of months to get your annuity officially transferred. That doesn’t discount the opportunity to get an advance in the meantime and there are options for loans from payday lenders but they charge obscene interest rates. If you absolutely need the money now then you can tap into your annuity or work with one of our representatives for the $500 cash out opportunity by calling 855 7 500 NOW thats 855 7 500 669.

A cash advance against your structured settlement and annuity payments can be done as soon as your information is verified and the insurance company confirms that you have payments left to sell. This typically takes less than a week. The transfer process in front of a judge however can take up to 4 months but is usually quicker depending on backed up the court filings are.

The Benefits of Using 500 Cash Out
This is not a cash advance but a no obligation payment for 15 minutes of your time as long as you meet our qualifications. This is the fastest option when you need access to money now. This requires no court appearance, lawyers, or even leaving your house. For 15 minutes of your time you can get $500 cash in hand. There is no lengthy legal process to endure. You’ll get the money you need right away and you won’t have to undergo any background or credit checks.


Yes, it sounds too good to be true but it’s not. No obligation to sell and you get $500 for having a qualified call with one of our representatives. We hope you’re not camera shy as we want you to meet our team and we welcome you when it’s safe from the pandemic to come meet us in person. Just by answering a set of questions regarding your annuity payments. No attorneys needed.