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Pros And Cons Of Lawsuit Loans

The guide below will help educate you on the positives and negatives and can guide you to make a better decision. THE BENEFITS WHEN THINKING ABOUT TAKING ON A PRE-SETTLEMENT LOAN 1. Financial Strain The top reason that people opt for pre-settlement loans is to be able...

Lawyer Loans for Settled Case

After a severe personal injury and a stretching lawsuit, it's hard to meet basic and medical bills without additional financial support. But do you have to settle fast to get out of the financial predicament or get a loan from your lawyer or a 3rd party so you don't...

Medical Lien Financing Guide

While conventional lawsuit loans provide assistance in particular situations while an individual is awaiting a personal injury settlement, medical emergencies could still leave him or her struggling financially. Even when there is health insurance in place, there are...

What Is Finance Litigation?

From investments and credit, straight through to pensions and tax, the sheer complexity, scale, regulatory environment and value of the financial sector make disputes inevitable and financial services litigation inescapable. A dispute in the financial services...

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