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Cash 4 Cases is a lawsuit funding company that serves clients nationally. The company advances money to individuals waiting for payouts or outcomes of their medical/commercial malpractice lawsuits, or personal injury lawsuits. This type of loan is referred to as litigation funding, legal funding, presettlement funding, or lawsuit funding. Since its inception, Cash4Cases has advanced more than $18 million in litigation funds to five million clients. The founders of Cash4Cases are attorneys and the company is a member of the American Legal Finance Association as well as the New York Lawyers Trial Association.

What is Lawsuit funding?

Instead of waiting until a lawsuit is settled or goes to trial, a process that can take months, or even years in complex cases with a potentially high payout, a lawsuit funding firm, such as, Cash4Cases, will give a portion of the proceeds that you (the claimant or plaintiff) expect to get from your case. It’s worth noting that you can use the money you receive from Cash4Cases to however you want, meaning you do not necessary have to use the money to cover your medical costs or clear your bills. Cash4Cases will recover the money it advanced you plus a small interest from your monetary award once you settle your case.

Cash4Cases Pre Settlement Funder

How Do You Qualify for a Presettlement Advance?

Take note that lawsuit funding is not hinged on your creditworthiness. Instead, the funding firm mainly considers the robustness of the claimant/plaintiff’s case. For a lawsuit funding firm, this contract is an investment. Therefore, similar to all other investments, the funding firm is responsible for ensuring that its investment yields a profit. To this end, funding firms usually work with underwriters who assess lawsuits to determine their profitability. When reviewing a case, underwriters typically look at the following factors:

• Status of Litigation – In most cases, a litigation funding firm requires the plaintiff to have an active lawsuit as well as an attorney. If the suit has been filed, the funder can use the law firm’s assessment and vetting of the court case’s strength. With an attorney involved, the funder also gets the assurance that the case is being handled by professionals whose goal is in line with theirs.

• Type of Case – Lawsuit funding companies are more likely to fund lawsuits where the claimant expects to get a judgment award or a settlement, or personal injury cases. This includes, among others, slip and fall cases, auto accidents, negligence, property damage.

• Settlement Potential – Underwriters typically evaluate the case from all angles. They consider the lawsuit’s timeline as well as the potential settlement amount. They need to ensure that the lawsuit can realize enough money to cover the attorneys’ fees, litigation costs, ancillary costs, as well as the lawsuit funder’s interest.

• The Plaintiff’s Commitment – The lawsuit funders’ down payment can help potential clients to endure the frustrating time and effort it takes to determine a court case. Plaintiffs, like Ellen, are much likely to wait got the lawsuit to fully develop before they insist on a settlement if they don’t have financial pressures, such as medical bills and unpaid rent. Lawsuit funding can enable a claimant to commit to the court case until reaches its full potential.

• Attorney’s experience level – Lawsuit funding firms generally won’t fund a claimant if the claimant’s lawyer fails to cooperate or doesn’t approve the funding arrangement. Most litigation funding companies choose to work with seasoned lawyers with a good track record and who understand how legal funding works as well as how it benefits clients.

• Plaintiff’s location – Legal funding is a fledgling industry. In many jurisdictions, the regulatory framework hasn’t caught up yet. Presently, legal funding is regulated by the court system and the states. Mostly, judges and legislations acknowledge that lawsuit funds are not loans. However, lawmakers still attach some of the elements of consumer regulation — like disclosure requirements, licensing, and caps on fees –to legal funding. Lawsuit funding firms are less likely to operate in jurisdictions where the regulation is less settled.

Is Lawsuit Funding a Loan?

The transaction is not considered a loan although many people refer to it as a lawsuit loan. A lawsuit funding arrangement is non-recourse. The plaintiff is not liable for repaying the funds. Instead, the lawsuit funding company is paid from the judgment award or settlement. However, if the judgment award isn’t enough for the funding company to recoup its investment, the funding company will write off the debt, meaning it won’t require the plaintiff to repay the loan.

How to Apply for Lawsuit Funding from Cash4Cases

There are a lot of great pre settlement funding companies that we’ve covered. Cash 4 Cases is one of them to apply and get a quote from.

You can either apply online by filling an online application, or you can call Cash4Cases directly. As part of your application, you’ll need to provide your name, date of birth, contact information, case type, state and date of the incident, a description of the injury, attorney contact information, paralegal contacts information, and requested funding amount. The Cash4Cases team will review your loan application within 24 hours. If your request is approved, you’ll get your loan the next day after filling out the necessary paperwork.

No settlement Payout, No Loan Payback

If you get a settlement or a judgment award, you’ll reimburse the amount Cash4Cases advanced to you plus the agreed interest, which depends on the amount of funding you received as well as your specific case. Cash4Cases charges extremely low rates, ranging from 1% to 3% per month. Like most legal funding firms, if you don’t get a settlement or a judgment award, you won’t have to repay the funds that Cash4Cases advanced you.

Wide Range of Specialties

Cash4Cases funds all kinds of court cases, including:

• Slip and fall cases
• Workplace accidents
• FELA matters
• Premise liability
• Employment discrimination
• Medical malpractice
• Whistleblowing
• Construction accidents
• Appeals
• Auto accidents
• Appeals


When it comes to lawsuit funding, Cash4Cases offers clear agreement terms, low rates, and the Cash4Cases team is always available to address your concerns and to answer your questions.

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