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by | Sep 29, 2021

Ally Lawsuit Loans is one of the pre-settlement funding companies that we review and determine if they are a reputable company or not that offers lawsuit loans to thousands of clients in the US every year. They particularly offer pre settlement funding to help injured victims pay their bills and support themselves as they wait for their settlement check. Other plaintiffs who may benefit from this pre settlement loan include claims in personal auto accidents, workers’ compensation, defective drugs and medical devices, and wrongful termination.

Unfortunately, most people have to wait for months or years for plaintiffs to get a full settlement from defendants or insurance companies. On the other hand, their bill can’t wait that long for the claims process. This is where Ally Lawsuit Loans comes in to help clients pay their bills and have peace of mind.

Ally Lawsuit Loans Review

Ally Lawsuit Loans frequently works with clients who have already received lawsuit loans from other companies, and the good thing is that they offer the lowest rate for pre settlement funding for lawsuits. Moreover, if you have ever received a pre settlement loan, you can apply for a second or a third loan. At the same time, Ally Lawsuit Loans estimates the value of your settlement and the total amount of your initial loan to determine your eligibility for an additional loan.

Ally Lawsuit Loans Rates

What has set apart Ally Lawsuit Loans from other pre settlement loan businesses is the ability to offer immediate funding to help plaintiffs pay their bills. They offer low-interest rates for lawsuit financing. However, the interest rate varies depending on the nature of your case. However, Ally Lawsuit Loans does not offer no-risk lawsuit funding. Simply, if you don’t win the case, then Ally Lawsuit Loans will not receive payment.

What Sets Ally Lawsuit Loans Apart

Three things set Ally Lawsuit Loans services apart from other pre settlement funding lenders. One, the company offers a quick turnaround time in their decisions. The moment you submit your application; you receive their feedback within 24 hours of submitting your application. Generally, they want you to receive funding within hours of receiving and accepting your decision. Additionally, Ally Lawsuit Loans offers affordable services, and this has kept more clients coming back for additional loans.

Lastly, the firm provides that if clients lose their case, they don’t have to repay anything to Ally Lawsuit Loans. However, if you win, you repay the money. In a nutshell, the firm offers a clear, fair, and understandable application process, loan processing with 24 hours of application, low rates, and the best customer support services.

How Pre Settlement Funding Works in Ally Lawsuit Loans

Whether you took less than the maximum available loan the first loan or not, Ally Lawsuit Loans qualifies you to obtain additional pre settlement funding. Here is Ally Lawsuit Loans’ pre settlement funding steps:

Applying for Funding

Once you have decided you need lawsuit funding, Ally Lawsuit Loans has an excellent support team that you can contact online or over the phone. If you provide detailed information about yourself and your claim in your call, it will help smoothen the application process.

Consulting with the Attorney

Ally Lawsuit Loans collaborates with attorneys to help provide the best lawsuit funding services. They involve your attorney in reviewing and understanding your lawsuit. The lawyer is expected to submit critical information to Ally Lawsuit Loans, and the legal representative may also be required to sign an important document known as acknowledgment by counsel form, which ensures that you clearly understand the terms of the lawsuit funding agreement. However, it is essential for a client consults with their lawyer before signing the agreement.


Determining Your Current Loan Eligibility

To start with, Ally Lawsuit Loans has an excellent pre settlement funding team that calculates your maximum loan eligibility. However, this does not mean that you necessarily have to take the maximum loan, but what you need to settle your bills. If you exhaust the funds and still have pending bills to pay after using the first loan, you can apply for additional funds. It is crucial for clients to learn about the various funding options available.

With Ally Lawsuit Loans, you can apply for a second lawsuit loan, especially if you had taken less than what you were offered as a maximum in the previous loan. Ally Lawsuit Loans understands that the lawsuit funding process can be complicated and expensive, especially if you had taken a previous lawsuit funding. That is why the company offers low-interest rates for their clients. They also have specialists who can guide clients on the application process and help you make the best decision.

Loan Approval

Upon deciding on your lawsuit loan application, Ally Lawsuit Loans acts fast to see you receive the pre settlement loan fund within 24 hours of funding approval. The same happens when you are applying for a second and a third lawsuit loan. Sometimes the approval time may differ depending on various factors.

First, the amount of time it takes to receive all relevant information and records from the personal injury attorney affects the approval time. If your attorney can supply all the information needed fast, Ally Lawsuit Loans quickly works on your application to send the pre settlement lawsuit loan. That means you can fasten the process by working with your lawyer to get the needed information quickly.

Generally, the size of the loan that can be approved highly depends on your specific case. Particularly, the amount of loan depends on the severity of the injuries you are suffering and the strength of your legal case.

In most cases, the lawsuit funding is ten to twenty percent of the value of the underlying cause. If the underlying cause is strong, then the financial risk will be low for Ally Lawsuit Loans, and the savings are passed to the client. However, the little that Ally Lawsuit Loans can offer is $500 and a maximum of $750,000. The firm transfers the loan to your bank account, mail a check, send a FedEX Overnight Check or use Western Union. The different payment options enable clients to receive the funding in whichever method they prefer.

Why You Should Apply for Ally Lawsuit Loans Lawsuit Loan

Qualifying is Simple

Applying for a lawsuit loan with Ally Lawsuit Loans is free. Ally Lawsuit Loans understands that your life cannot wait for a settlement. Sometimes the long wait can put a significant burden on an injured person. Ally Lawsuit Loans does not look at your credit score or financial history to approve your application.

Quick Application Procedure

Ally Lawsuit Loans offers a simple and clear application process for lawsuit loans. When you or your loved one gets injured, Ally Lawsuit Loans takes a maximum of 24 hours to qualify you for a pre settlement loan. The firm offers a smooth application process to let you concentrate on your case. Besides, they have a support team that readily guides clients whenever they are stuck.

Borrowing is Risk-free

The good news about Ally Lawsuit Loans is that when you lose your case you have nothing to repay the firm. The firm only benefits from clients who win their case, and a particular amount of interest is set for each value of the loan. Basically, Ally Lawsuit Loans secures loans by clients’ future settlement to enable them to bear the risk of the claim.

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