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The staff here at 500Cashout.com is offering to give you $500 just for having a consultation with our team and discussing your annuity.

If you’re receiving or due to receive funds as a result of a lawsuit or inheritance then you have the opportunity to earn $500 in fast cash by talking with one of our representatives.

Time to Cash $500 With One Meeting 

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Our staff is ready to talk with you and learn more about your payments that you are receiving or due to receive. If after the 15 minute consultation you meet the criteria then we will send you $500 for any of your bills.


Good Credit Not Required

If you have bad credit and are having trouble getting a loan than our solution for annuity holders is perfect for you. We’re not JG Wentworth Call 855 7 500 NOW to get the money you need right away.

Turn Future Money Into $$$ Today

Find out how much your settlement could be worth

Money thats owed to you in the future can be accessed right now. With one simple call you can get a free estimate on what your payments are worth and receive $500 for doing so.


Your Money Your Choice

Discuss with our analysts about how you can turn your future payments into money you can use today. 

No Need to sell your payments or go to court to get your cash now.


If you’re in dire need of cash and fit our criteria we can help you get $500 via our debit card, western union, or money gram by discussing your annuity, lottery, or structured settlement payments with one of the 500cashout.com representatives.

Decide if you want to sell

If you’re having a hard time financially then you need to make the tough decision on whether or not you should sell or keep your future periodic payment streams.

Speak with an analyst

Explore the financial benefits and drawbacks of factoring your payments. It’s a big financial decision and we’ll go through the pros and cons of moving forward with a potential deal.

Set up a call for $500 Now

Get your $500 cash now by setting up a Zoom Call, Google Hangout, or Facetime with an analyst to discuss your settlement. You have no obligation to sell.

collect your money

Whether it’s collecting your money through the $500 cash out program or you decide to sell your settlement payments our staff is here to help you make a sound financial decision.

An Advance on you settlement that you don’t have to pay back

Let Us Help Guide You On Your Settlement Sale

We want you to make a sound financial decision regarding the transfer or sale of your payment rights. If you’re looking at selling you can explore our $500 offer to do a Zoom, Facetime, or Google Hangouts with our staff. It’s like getting an advance on your settlement that you don’t have to pay back.

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We want to provide you with transparent and open information regarding your annuity. If you have any questions after reading through our education resources please call us or send an email to schedule an appointment. 

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If you’ve been looking into selling your settlement payment rights and need cash now to help pay emergency bills then we suggest that you call and talk with one of our analysts right away who would be glad to help during these difficult times.